Don Juan’s Message

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Don Juan’s Message
 © Ron Teeguarden, 2001, 2011.
In 2000, we had the extraordinary opportunity to host a talk and a class by the legendary Don Juan of the Carlos Casteneda books at our home. Read on and all we be explained. 


Grandfather Cachora’s  Message

“Before, there was no interest in my guidance. Now there is some interest in my guidance so I can share my knowledge of Nature. I have found many people who are interested in my knowledge. The bad conditions of the world can be changed radically if people’s attitude changes towards Nature and becomes respectful.

The place that you start is with Plants. There is a Plant Medicine for every possible imbalance – physical, emotional and mental. This is the heart of natural healing.

Plants give energy. They are living things full of energy of many kinds. They are filled with information and knowledge. It is possible to listen to a plant is such a way that this knowledge is imparted to one and assists one. Each plant has its spirit of energy for good health.”

There is only one Great Spirit. It is like the soul, the one who heals, the Great Spirit, the Divine. It is Chamahua.”

Starting with The Teachings of Don Juan in 1968, Carlos Castaneda wrote a series of books that describe his training in shamanism with a Yaqui Indian named Don Juan in the books. Don Juan is his primary teacher. Don Juan is a shaman and sorcerer. Tezlcazi Guitimea Cachora is reputed to be the primary real-life shaman with whom Casteneda mentored.

Setting for Grandfather Cachora’s discourse: September 23 & 24,  2000. Ron & Yanlin Teeguarden’s home, Kenter Canyon, CA. A stage was constructed in our back yard. It is a beautiful starry autumn night. Bernice Barlow, Yellow Bird, and Eric, who takes care of Grandfather, are gathered on the stage with Grandfather Cachora (Tezlcazi Guitimea Cachora). An audience of about 75 people, who attended by discreet invitation, are present. Grandfather Cachora speaks through a translator, also on stage. The translator for Grandfather Cachora is Concepcion Laura, a translator for HBO. The following transcript was transcribed from a tape recording after Grandfather Cachora returned to his home in Mexico. Not all words or phrases were understandable. The translator often switches from first person to third person in her translation. Still, the majority of Grandfather Cachora’s message is clear.

Grandfather Cachora Speaks and Takes Questions

Grandfather Cachora, class at Ron Teeguarden’s home

Grandfather Cachora: Hola! Aloha! I am the guardian of the Mother Earth, guardian of the three kingdoms of the great medicine. I am a walker who goes amongst the unknown. My way is red – the  red path – all the beings of nature and the Heart of Humanity. I am an enemy of contamination, of smog – of any abuse to Mother Earth.

A short time ago I went to Hawaii. And Hawaii is quite lost. It’s a shame about the symbols that are lost there. A lot of the trees are being cut down to make hotels, homes – at a good price. The beaches are beautiful, but there are no trees, no guardians amongst the hills and the mountains. They are bare. As a guardian of Mother Earth, I have my four spirits and the four directions.

Around the world they know where to send some water, lots of water for an entire city. Humanity does not understand that they cannot do anything against Mother Earth.

I am always with my animals because they are beings, and with the guardians that are the plants and the minerals. Why not take care of Mother Earth?

In cities there is much contamination and smog. One does not live well. Beginning with alcoholism, drug usage-where are the children-in the future or in the present?  They are the seeds of the elders for the future.

I will answer any of your questions gladly unless they have to do with chemistry.

My knowledge comes from the father and the mother. When I was 7 years old. I know 4,000 medicinal plants, their purpose and what time to harvest them and during what moon, what area to find them in.

It’s very important to walk while fasting, meditation and concentration and to pray at the zenith of the mountain to unblock your mind and to receive positive energy for your minds. Tomorrow morning there will be a concentration about the mind. I will decipher your thoughts by means of sacred symbols.

I work two phenomenons. The conscious and the unconscious, life after death and the range that it has to your emotions creates a being that is born which loses its natural state.

I will now take questions.

Question: Could you repeat the last part?

Translator: He is talking about a being (a human being). A mother creates a child. When the child is born. He asks – does the child lose its natural state? Yes or no? He wants to know.

Yes, the child does. We all lose our spirit, or what is referred to as the ‘glue of life that sticks’. It is like a feather that flies, it is like a feather that falls and no longer rises up-the feather (the spirit) does not go to heaven. Never.

Many say my spirit goes to heaven.

Wrong. We are all wrong. The spirit is in the first dimension.

My father told me – these honorable casistas – this actually happened. His father was taken as a slave to work with tobacco. I was imposed the Catholic religion by whips. That is why what was formed was before Christ. Sacred Cachora – his spirit returns in any living being. That is why it is called the glue of life that sticks to your feelings and creates a being that is born. And that is lost to drugs – that is when he loses his feelings and becomes like a feather that flies and falls and never rises again – never.

Question: What is the diagram behind you?

Grandfather Cachora: Ahcheewawa.

Translator: A difficult question because he has to get up. He’s getting used to the microphone, it’s the first time he’s ever used a microphone, obviously.

Grandfather Cachora: This triangle here is a keepsake of my Mother. This represents a lost temple in India. In the center there are 2 serpents and a very large crystal. It refers to the purification of the spirit. The concentration of our minds so that we can see better and to be a good warrior to Mother Earth. In the interior there are 7 doors. In concentration our minds are more powerful. If you look in the center with a fixed stare without blinking for an hour, even if you see an ocean of tears – but for no reason should you blink. Through there you can see through a very deep tunnel. You may see monsters, faces – or perhaps you can see yourself when you were a child. Our minds have many ways. Our minds are powerful enough to raise a building with just out minds or to bend steel. Our ancestors never needed machinery. With pure minds they were able to raise the temples and buildings. How is it possible they were able to create those temples? The great energies of the cosmos. Grandfather Cachora’s Mandala


And for that reason, I Cachora, am always in meditation. Always starting at 5 am at the zenith of the mountains. With the purpose to have contact with the cosmos and to receive those energies and that’s why I study the two phenomenon’s which minds that are blocked and which people can be healers and which cannot.

We all have talents but we need to know how to develop them. In order to develop our talents we need to walk in the fields, talk to the animals, and talk to plants. He or she who cannot talk to plants is not a healer.

I Cachora know the three kingdoms, the three gods of medicine. I would like you to tell me-which are the kingdoms of Mother Earth? Open question.

Answers: animal, plant, mineral?

Grandfather Cachora: No.

The first one are beings from Mother Earth. We have 7 elements on our planet and universe. What are they? I ask you what are the 7 elements of this planet, universe.

Answers: Fire, water, air, metal…

Grandfather Cachora: I have to say, you are blocked in your mind. We must know the 7 elements. Water, air, fire,?, he who creates-creative energy, Mother Earth, the Heart of Humanity. Not more or less but exactly seven. The three kingdoms that Cachora knows-theyare represented by his name Tezlcazi Guitimea Cachora.Tezlcazi the first part refers to three gods of medicine and his three allies of power. Guitimea, the second part refers to a jungle of medicinal plants. Cachora, the third part was given by his father because his mother was  ??. So he was called Salamander, a god of fire; that which does not burn even amongfire. The salamander is a symbol of fire; of that, which cannot be burned from the fire. My three allies are, the three intentions are-peyote, mushroom, dattura plants.

The first intention is to “know” to become knowledgeable. To know more fully Mother Earth and respect. When my Mother said to me, “Cachorita – please bring me these plants to help this woman who is about to give birth. It turned out it was these ?? seed plants which are ?? leaves.

He was about 11 years old. She said to me “Do not eat those plants”. He went and cut the leaves of the plants and he said to his friend, “Let’s taste the seeds of the plants”. So, of course he had to try them – so they each had one, it was actually quite delicious, so they had to. They were very good. Then they counted the number of seeds and how many they could share and then ate all of them. After a while, they lost consciousness. They didn’t know what happened anymore. He saw colors, whirling and spinning and he was flying. He saw many colors and lost consciousness. He woke up 72 hours later. While they were asleep his father tied them both together by their thumbs. They were punished for two days without eating. His Mother said, “I told you not to eat that”. Two days of punishment so that he learned to respect. But they said to the mother “It was your fault for telling us not to eat it!”

Grandfather had two coyotes that were also punished. So they left, they paid their sentence. So that is how he learned how to be able to fly and to know plants and to live, but with much respect and discipline. That is the first intention.

Let us talk about the phenomenons. Also about the beings. Amongst human beings there are great spirits and not so good spirits. That’s why I recommend you all take a lot of ginseng. Ginseng is very good for relaxing the mind and opening the door of knowledge. Ginseng is a root I have taken for quite some time. It relaxes me and it rejuvenates me. I don’t feel any anxiety. It’s also (word in Yaqui) explanation of that word: he had four wives and 45 grandchildren, all whom live.


I have no rheumatic pain. One must also walk very much. Medicinal plants can heal and some can kill. There are also evil spirits. My mission is to study the minds of all human beings. If your mind is open, then your mind is conscious to your physical existence. Concentration is very important. With a fixed stare or gaze to look at oneself. How can you use that concentration to see one phenomenon? How can you decipher the heart of one phenomenon?

With Intent. Human beings have two phenomenons. Which ones are they?

Answers: life and death? Conscious and unconscious?

Yes. That is why it is very important to study these two phenomenons, the conscious and the unconscious. That is why we have these concentrations of the mind-to unblock and to be able to see better. That way we would not make thehealer ill or that the healer would receive bad energy from you.

Without studying the phenomenon if one is drugged or comes with bad or ill intent or is sick, it is very important in this Red Path.

Question: What is the Red Path?

Grandfather Cachora: It refers to the positive and negative spirits. It refers to both.

Yellow Bird explained the Red Path from his point of view. Excerpt: It’s a lot of work! But I believe we can all do it, to bring the females and males together. In our world we have separated. We have to let go of many things. The big celebration, we’ve all come to Mother Earth in this great celebration. The Red Path is right in front of you. You’ll get pulled, but come back!

Grandfather Cachora: To know the conscious mind is to study your perspective, your view, what you can see with your sight firmly placed. The unconscious mind by way of concentration you can reach this. You can get to the goal. We should purify ourselves often; meditate, fast-to find the great energies.

Meditation is very sacred as long as you do it at 5:00am at the top of the zenith of the mountain or where water is running, at the foot of a tree or close to a rock. As much as possible it’s good to be at the top of the mountains. Never near a dry riverbed or dry bodies of water. That is what we consider negative energy.

Question: Why meditate in the mountains?

Grandfather Cachora: To receive the positive energy of the cosmos, to help you to find the positive spirits from light. Otherwise if you meditate in heavily populated areas or, in other words, cities, then you have many more negative vibrations and energies.

?? the praising of the soul and of light. It is important to meditate to receive great and positive talents and gifts from our father and to be a good and positive guardian of Mother Earth.

Grandfather Cachora: What happens when you meditate in cities? What about sunrise and sunset can you still receive positive energies?

Grandfather Cachora: No.

Question: The Sun and moon?

Grandfather Cachora: No. Our atmosphere is filled with gases. Only through purification is it possible to receive the energy of the moon and the sun, the spirit of the sun – while you are meditating – otherwise it’s blocked from the atmospheric gases.

Question: So God doesn’t come to the city?

Grandfather Cachora: He doesn’t like it. God desires the dew in fresh mornings, the singing birds, the fresh mornings. That is how God our Creator enters the cosmos – with these things. Through nature.

Question: What is your relationship to Indian culture and Shiva?

Grandfather Cachora: His Grandparents are originally from India, Mongolian. So their God was Shiva. They passed their secrets on to his Mother.

[Cachora brings out a diagram]

These symbols are from Mongolia. No one recognizes these symbols and they don’t know what they mean. They are sacred symbols from Shiva and the path which they crossed. Can anyone tell me what they mean?

Joni Mitchell answers: In the center is the four directions. The four races in the inner circles, white in the north, the custodian of knowledge, builder of roads and machines, yellow in the east the custodian of clarity and in the south the black man…

Joni Mitchell, Grandfather Catchora and Ron Teeguarden


Grandfather Cachora: The four directions is correct. These are three dimensions. In which dimension do you live? In which does humanity reside? In the third dimension. The third world. Animals, plants and humans live in the third dimension. Only the spirit goes to the first dimension. To incarnate after 20 years in every living being-any being, animal plants or human.


It is a book of power and secrets. What does this represent? The Great Creator. The one who forms. Deer Tail.

This symbol refers to peyote when I had a big bag of it.  He would eat this plant the root, wasting nothing. His lips would become thick and scalded. But I learned a great deal from Mother Earth. Secrets of the spirits. I learned about the elements of Mother Earth to study medicine. What are the four elements of Mother Earth? I have some apprentices that are learning about this now and they are close to me now. The elements are indicated by the black serpent of medicine. My Father when he healed painted everyone black so that no bad/negative spirit would see them. In this manner he could heal. And he also had to protect himself. I want to show you what is the black serpent.

Cachora stands up to show the back of his vest which has a large black serpent on the back. The vest used to belong to his Father.

As I said earlier, we all have talents and we need to develop them. We have to know the kingdom of the Mother Earth. And if there is a good balance between the sun, the moon and the Mother Earth.

All Mothers should treat their children well. Children should not have to hear difficulties between their parents because everything is recorded in  the mind. It’s important to take children away from negative acquaintances.

We must teach our children what Mother Earth is and about nature and to study well the curriculum. I like very much to speak with little children. We were recently in Hawaii. I spoke with children and they answered my questions very well about Mother Earth because children are the seeds of our elders in the present.

Where are we? In the future or the present? In the present. There is no such thing as future. There is only present. To ask the creator for a new day, to bless the food that we eat and to get a little bit of food to share with the spirits. To not just get up like the burro that just shakes his ears, that way the creator would not receive anything.

Question: How do we best help Mother Earth as individuals and collectively?

Grandfather Cachora: From now on it’s important that we fast. That’s the first intent. Second is to fast, to meditate, walk and to pray.

How often too fast? Three days in full moon for a half a day or a day or perhaps one day a week would be good. Purification for your eternal spirit is very important. The grandparents take care of the healing and are received by Mother Earth. The grandparents are the hot rocks, like in a sweat lodge or kiva.

Who has done a sweat lodge before?

It is good to go in full moon. Very sacred. To fast for three days in full moon and do a sweat lodge at the same time. Highly recommended by Cachora to be a good human being, a child of god and to protect Mother Earth and to protect and help those of us who are suffering around the world. To pray ofte and always.That way your work will be fruitful-food will always be available in abundance, much work because our creator sees that you are by his side. Otherwise God punishes us.

In January of this year I received a message. Maybe perhaps you saw this too. There were three rings; one white, one black and one red. This was January 19th of this year. It was a lunar eclipse. I’m going to tell you what those three rings indicated. Black refers to the destruction around the world, the torments. Rains storms, many storms and torments of this kind around the world. Red has to do with volcanoes that are beginning to open up. White refers to illnesses. There are many deaths associated with sinusitis: colds, flu.

They are the change of the Mother Earth to the fourth dimension. The rainbow of the sun turns red. Who saw this phenomenon – the red sun during the afternoons? The red sunsets? Its called Iris-the change of Mother Earth and the planet. This refers to great knowledge; advanced knowledge coming, methods that are coming to us that have great meaning and value that are very advanced. For him this year of 2000 has no meaning, because of the zeroes. When early we come to the year of 2001, that is the important date. That’s when there is a change now of Mother Earth.

Question: How long to meditate and when fasting do you fast just with water?

Grandfather Cachora: The time that is necessary. An hour a half hour or more. If you are meditating and there is an earthquake you continue to meditate. For fasting, aqua. Much aqua, much water only. And purification, doing sweat lodges and meditate.

Question: Do the seven elements relate to the seven chakras?

Grandfather Cachora: Yes. The seven elements do relate to the chakras.

Question: And should we use this diagram for concentrating?

Grandfather Cachora: Tomorrow, God willing, there will be a concentration using this diagram.

Ahoo (Lakota for “amen”) Aloha!

It’s important for us to speak to the spirit animals because they are also brothers and it is important that we communicate with them. They are also children on Mother Earth, as we are. Plants are also beings or spirits and they are alive. They re also our brothers and sisters, children of Mother Earth.

Regarding the Yantra or diagram behind him, pointing to the center triangle: This is the point of encounter, the point of linking up. The white dot is the third eye. The triangle is the portal (blue door) that we can enter through concentration. (The mind and our sight). Use concentration of the mind using our sight. You can bring the white dot into the blue triangle.

Question: How do you communicate with plants?

Grandfather Cachora: First you have to know Mother Earth and ask Mother Earth for permission to communicate with the plants and to offer tobacco to Mother Earth. One must also be purified to speak to plants and Mother Earth otherwise you will not have success you will not become acquainted with the virtues of the plants if you do not follow these purifications.

Its also very important for you to know the purpose of each plant and all about plants; when they should be harvested and where they can be found in order for you to  communicate with them. Purification and prayer is very important.

Yanlin Teeguarden and Grandfather Cachora
Ron, Yanlin, Grandfather Cachora, Ganga Nath
Grandfather Cachora loves Asian Ginseng (in his right hand)
Ron Teeguarden and Grandfather Cachora

Excerpt from Bernice Barlow’s Introduction to Grandfather Cachora

[Bernice Barlow provided the introduction to the above lecture. Bernice is an author of Sacred Sites of the West, Shaman Sites and also co-author of Llewellen’s Almanac and has a Ph.D. in physics. This is an excerpt from that introduction, and is provided here to provide insight into Grandfather Cachora and his legacy as Don Juan.]

“I grew up with the land and I study with the land as much as possible. Of course, Grandfather taught me a great deal over the years. I’ve had many other teachers as well and Mother Earth is one of my greatest teachers.

I have found that on sacred sites that we go to and we pray to learn to dream and to rejuvenate and go inside of ourselves we learn, all of those good medicines that the world provided for us, there’s a reason for it.

Lets talk about (Carlos) Castaneda. First of all, Grandfather did not jump off a cliff. We are considered some of the best shamans in the world, but if I jump off a cliff, I die. He said that to me not long ago and I said, “After you, Grandfather.” I am an author and I understand that a lot of stuff is written in the form of fiction and Castaneda did the same thing. There was often a fiction story line running through the books, much of the stuff in the books just didn’t happen. But the teachings of the Yaqui, the art of dreaming, the art of stalking, the intentions and many of the things that people learned from the books, they are indeed Grandfather’s teachings.  Not only his, but Casteneda went with about 10 other teachers but he (Grandfather) was his primary teacher.

Most of the teachings came from him. He is not a big bad bogeyman; he doesn’t do weird sorcery things, although it’s not beyond his knowledge. Grandfather is good and he’s always been good. I’ve known him a long time, I know his family. He has a really great heart. He’s really fun to play with. The story of Don Juan, if you will, that really is a bunch of different teachers that Carlos used to go and see. Grandfather’s had a lot of students.

Question: The gait of power? Real or fiction?

Bernice: Real. Yes, indeed. Do not go hiking with him! At 9,000 feet he’s going full blast, you would never have a clue! I go home, I die. He is very healthy. Gait of power is the real thing, the intentions; stalking, dreaming, most of the lessons actually were the real things. It was the experiences and the stories around the lessons that were fictional.

Question: The Flyers? The inorganic beings?

Bernice: That is a true teaching.

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